William O'Neil + Co. Incorporated

U.S. Focus List

Our U.S. Focus List excels at introducing you to the next exceptional U.S. names. Our dedicated analyst team collaborates daily, pinpointing shifts in fundamentals that suggest an equity’s outperformance over a six-month to two-year horizon. They then fine-tune the timing of their recommendations by monitoring for key technical indicators. Their five-year outperformance figure shows a methodical discipline, with a healthy resistance to turnover.

Our U.S. List is sector diverse. It will strengthen your pool of ideas, and it will present a new perspective on the stocks that are working across industries. It comes to you as a print or electronic book, with a two-page spread on every stock of interest: a succinct company story on the left page, including when we recommended it and our rationale, and a full page Datagraph on the right. Email alerts are used throughout the week to immediately notify you of any additions to or removals from the List.

See samples below for more detail:

Two-page spread

Sample right side story

List allocation

Sector rotation

Top performers page