William O'Neil + Co. Incorporated

Market Data

There's a lot of data out here, but how much of it is solid? To make strong decisions, you need the best data available presented intuitively for quick comprehension. No one does that better than we do.

Our O'Neil Database includes stocks that date back to the 1880s—27 market cycles in all. And because we use an empirical method of stock analysis, we scrub that database daily and add only the highest quality data to it.

This incomparably clean global database tracks 70,000 stocks and funds in more than 70 countries—with 130 years of stock trend, performance, and market cycle information. It is vetted by over 40 research specialists and analysts, who work daily to ensure the data is normalized to produce timely, accurate support for our buy and sell recommendations and portfolio management advice.

Further, our research has led to the development of a unique classification system, known as The William O'Neil + Co. 197 Industry Groups®, which is based on the analysis of each company's business description, product/service mix and the comparison to its peers, landscape and the current and future industry trend. Many clients over the years have discovered the value of our industry group work, and its ability to provide detailed insight into true market leadership helping to better uncover tomorrow's leadership and investment opportunities.

The depth and quality of our database is only part of what sets our data services apart. Our commitment to both accuracy and speed of information delivery—and our success at both—is without peer. Sometimes that means our numbers are different from what others are reporting, but we are not worried by that. Our Data Research department is not a follower either.

For example, we follow non-GAAP results when available, instead of GAAP results. Because non-GAAP results are the ones analysts use to determine if a stock is undervalued or overvalued, we ensure a more accurate interpretation of results and a stock's future expectations. We also ensure that a previous year's GAAP result will not be compared with the current quarter's non-GAAP result (or other reporting inconsistencies) by restating historical results to reflect the latest information provided from companies. This heightens the accuracy of the interpretation as well as the effectiveness of our Proprietary Ratings and Rankings, such as the EPS Rank. Most institutional data service providers do not restate prior year's results, which we see as leading to an incorrect interpretation.

Our Data Research department is also run with a carefully engineered process for reducing data errors while speeding the provision of key information, such as earnings reports, to clients. Analysts' work is double-checked by a supervisor before being added to the database, and—when a large number of announcements come in at once—any earnings announcements that have not been addressed within 30 minutes are immediately distributed to an analyst for processing. Most commonly, new information is analyzed, added to the database, and made available to our services in half an hour.

Our data services, are available via our online portal, William O'Neil Direct Access (WONDA®), or as books hand-delivered to your door, most on the weekend, preparing you well in advance for the coming week. Many of our data services can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your investment mandate and decision-making style.