William O'Neil + Co. Incorporated

Custom Advisory

We developed Custom Advisory as our highest-tier service for clients who need a directly communicated idea flow that is more granularly customized to their purview. Thus we begin the service with an in-depth, top-down discussion of your investment mandate, restrictions, themes, goals—and your distinct pain points. We then mine our sources daily from your perspective. We distill actionable ideas worthy of your attention and put them before you through one-on-one consultations; phone conversations with your account manager, the intermediary between you and our analysts; and through email alerts on U.S. stocks.

We like to tangibly convey our client commitment and idea conviction with “the O'Neil 3”—three tickers we leave with you to say, “I already understand your profile. Here are three relevant and actionable ideas for you.” This high-touch service continues throughout our long client relationships.

Group presentations are also an option, particularly at the start of this bespoke relationship, so that your team of managers understands our method and where our ideas come from. We, in turn, discover further individual needs within your fund or firm. Custom Advisory is often bundled with specific data services that make sense for you.