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The Lists feature lets you maintain your ideas and current holdings as well as find new ideas across the globe, using fundamental and technical filters and our proprietary Ratings and Rankings. To save more time, use our preset lists or scan proprietary lists of successful and emerging investing themes, curated by O'Neil Equity Research.


Filter the entire world of global equities to find new ideas, or comprehensively monitor your portfolio for potential strength and weakness, by screening with our proprietary Ratings and Rankings and a robust library of other metrics. The pattern data available in PANARAY's Pattern Recognition enables screening by specific technical characteristics.

Column Sets

Select from more than 500 data points for relevant data sets, or use preset column sets from O'Neil's Institutional Client Services team to help find new actionable ideas. Utilize column sets for lists to stay on top of changes in your holdings.

Negative Alerts Matrix

Mitigate potential losses by being alerted to warning signs that a holding may soon take a significant downturn. The 11 monitoring criteria in our Negative Alerts Matrix call out specific signals of weakness so you can plan a timely exit.

Quote Board

Monitor the technical intraday changes of groups of symbols in one view with the Quote Board. Quick Quote offers more detail on each symbol so you can quickly determine the need for further analysis.

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