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Global Markets + Sectors

The Groups feature offers a unique visualization of sector performance that highlights trends across the globe. See where a rally started, how it’s held up, which countries are outperforming, and how global strength and weakness is affecting individual industry groups.


Rotation Graph

This innovative visualization of sector rotation by country, region, industry group, or entire world will guide you through the complexity of global markets, taking you from a high-level, worldwide view down to specific stocks in a clear, concise way.

  • See sectors move on a grid that plots long-term performance against short-term momentum, with animation that illustrates movements over several years
  • Confirm existing sector trends and illuminate emerging ones

Global Outlook

Our Market Map summarizes the status of each market worldwide, allowing you to spot shifts in rallies,
or corrections, and assess emerging trends across the globe.


Tap into the knowledge of the William O'Neil + Co. Equity Research team with observations on important developments in U.S. and international markets, as well as the global sectors that are driving existing and emerging trends week to week. These reports identify stocks across the globe worthy of consideration.

Industry Groups

PANARAY’s sector rotation graph also allows you to drill down into sectors to get underlying information. In seconds, you can compare the performance of individual groups to discover the leading components.

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