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The Datagraph—foundational to many of our services—is our trademarked format for efficiently viewing essential technical and fundamental equity data. It takes on an array of advanced capabilities in PANARAY that are not available anywhere else.


Our Datagraph™ format was trademarked in 1972 as a wholly original graphical presentation of the stock variables most critical to performance according to historical precedent. Our Datagraphs also convey a range of other essential information, such as the Earnings Line, institutional sponsorship, and our proprietary Ratings and Rankings. To re-create all the information they contain would involve hours of research using dozens of sources.

Earnings Line Animation

PANARAY's Earnings Line plots high, low, and consensus estimates, so you can see in one glance the level of agreement among analysts. Backward animation of the Earnings Line reveals which estimates the stock tends to track, while showcasing a company's history of beating or missing estimates. This animation also brings out changes indicating a divergence between accelerating earnings and a declining price—a potential opportunity others might miss.

Fundamental Lines

PANARAY's fundamental lines allow you to create an overlay of revenue, cash flow, book value, dividends, and earnings per share data that illuminates subtle but significant fundamental and valuation changes, such as margin expansion/contraction, revenue or earnings acceleration/deceleration, upward/downward forward estimate revisions, P/E expansion/contraction, cash flow improvements, and dividend yield.

Insider Transactions

Another PANARAY innovation, insider transactions, shows you the extent of buying and selling among equity-holders within a company, so you can immediately see the effect of that activity on price and volume.

Pattern Recognition

PANARAY's Pattern Recognition feature highlights seven classic proprietary chart patterns, developed through William O'Neil + Company's 50 years of active research into the behavior of equities. Each pattern's accompanying data points are calculated for you in a hover-box, with shaded areas indicating optimal zones to act.

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