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Empirical. Self-perfecting. Defensible.

We believe that all the predominant methods of stock analysis are valid, but we do not follow one of them, because we are not followers.

We perfected our own method, rooted in historical precedent, which has been evolving with the market for more than 40 years. Our method is founded on profile analysis, which looks specifically for the stock traits and movements identified by historical precedent to signify a great opportunity. We then blend with profile analysis relevant aspects of fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, and technical analysis. This unconventional approach ensures that we are learning from the past, accounting for the present, and always tracking the irrational, human element. In short, our method takes a little from the best of each—yet is nothing like the rest.

Because our method is incomparable, you will not see the boiler-plate documentation commonly turned out by analyst teams. Our research department builds cases for each stock using unique combinations of our analytical blend, so our buy-and-sell recommendations are supported by a compelling story that you can use to defend your position or support your high-level strategy.