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Tangible. Proven. Transparent.

The guiding principle of our method is historical precedent, which asserts that the characteristics and movements of the most winning stocks since the 1880s still define those outperformers today. Building on historical precedent, we apply our unconventional, yet transparent method that blends several types of stock and market analysis to produce our buy and sell recommendations.

We continually prove historical precedent in an ongoing research project, begun 40 years ago, that is also the foundation of our analytic method. This project, a comprehensive study of the most winning stocks each year since the 1880s in terms of percentage increase for the year, has accumulated fact-based evidence on more than 1,000 individual outperforming stocks.

For each winning stock, we gather a range of information, including the annual earnings histories three years prior to outperformance, amount of trading volume present, degree of relative strength in the stock price before its enormous success, and how many shares were outstanding in the capitalization of the company. The study also identifies a number of common characteristics among these super stocks, such as significant new products, new management, or ties to strong industry group moves caused by important changes occurring in an entire industry.